Pandemic did not result on major decline of paper production in Kazakhstan

The production of toilet paper in Kazakhstan, one of the most economically developed states in Central Asia, fell by 5% this year year-on-year basis, according to some local media reports.


On average, about 19 million rolls of toilet paper are sold in the country per month. In the first half of 2021, the country produced 18.300 tons of toilet paper – 4.7% less than a year earlier.

The majority of production is concentrated in the city of Almaty – 84.7%, the largest city of the country.

Among the other major producing areas are the Aktobe region and Shymkent (642.9 tons, plus 48.1%).


In general, in 2020, local companies produced 36.900 tons of toilet paper, which is only 2% more than in the “pre-crisis” 2019. For comparison: in 2019, the annual production growth was 27.7%, to 36.100 tonnes.


Among the major local producers are Karina Trading LLP, Parus Production and Printing Plant LLP, Foreign Enterprise Maolin Company LLP and many others.


According to the results of five months, domestic companies met local demand (sales on the domestic market plus export) for toilet paper by 69.3%, compared to 71.2% a year earlier. The share of imports amounted to 30.7%.

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