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How embossing impacts toilet tissue aesthetics and consumer buying behavior

The origins of toilet tissue embossing are rooted in practically. The three-dimensional patterns increase surface area and liquid absorbency of the tissue, and also keep multiple plies from peeling apart. Absorbency and bonding remain key benefits of embossed toilet tissue. However, embossing also plays an important role in meeting the demands of buyers who are […]

Types of Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated board is widely used in the packing industry. The main advantages are lightness, recyclability, and low cost. This makes the material the best choice to produce containers devoted to the shipping of goods. Furthermore, examples of structure design based on corrugated boards can be found in different fields. Structural analysis of paperboard components is […]

Italian recovered paper market focuses on exports to Asia amidst weak domestic demand

At the beginning of the new year, merchants on the Italian recovered paper market were once again relying heavily on Far East exports to sustain their business. Given the very weak demand in their own country, suppliers were pursuing alternative sales channels in Asia intensely, and met with success not only for old corrugated containers […]

Innovation to add new value for $425 billion fibre-based packaging market through to 2027, Smithers data show

The sustainability agenda means corrugated board, folding cartons, moulded pulp, flexible and speciality papers, are all receiving new interest from packaging buyers. Worth a total of $425.4 billion in 2022; each of these have their own established places in the world market, but the need to implement more sustainable packaging strategies is pushing innovation and […]

Greif | Paperboard Circularity

Paper Packaging at Greif follows a robust circular economy supply chain. Greif is a leading recycler in North America, where our paper business is a net positive recycler. We are serious about sustainability and focused on reducing the environmental impact of our products. The circular economy process flow starts with collecting fiber from used Greif […]

Export decline & excess capacity have dropped-down demand for kraft and duplex paper; production capacity squeezed

Export decline & excess capacity have dropped-down demand for kraft and duplex paper; production capacity squeezed -Asia Pulp and Paper’s 1.2 Million MT capacity in India may create competition for small paper mills on the export front -Market is at a very heavy downside of all grades of Kraft and duplex. -The rate difference between […]

UPM in final phases of construction on its eucalyptus pulp mill in Uruguay

UPM is finalizing the construction works of the new pulp mill in Uruguay and enters the final phases of the project. The start-up of the UPM Paso de los Toros pulp mill is expected by the end of the first quarter of 2023. While the project work continues intensively, the finalization of the construction works […]

New study shows paper industry could increase on-site renewable electricity and heat generation

A new study commissioned by Cepi to AFRY, a Scandinavian firm supplying engineering and advisory services, shows the untapped further potential for paper mills to function as renewable energy hubs. The pulp and paper industry could increase its on-site renewable electricity and heat production and, through a ‘swing capacity effect’, sell any excess energy production […]

How Resolute Diverts Production Residues to Beneficial Uses

The world is moving toward a circular economy. At Resolute, we are continuously seeking opportunities to divert residues from our operations toward beneficial uses. Over 70% of our residues are repurposed Resolute’s approach to resource optimization is multi-pronged, and includes recycling, energy recovery and identifying beneficial-use alternatives. This approach aims to divert production residues away […]